Chicagao hanuman Temple


Event Schedule

# Event Date Event Time Event Details
1 Sep 28, Saturday 5:00 PM Mata Ki Chowki followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad
2 Sep 29 - Oct 8 8:30 - 10:30 PM Navratri - Garba & Dandiya Raas
3 Sep 29, Sunday 5:00 PM Kalash Sthapana & Dhan Ropan (Javahra) | Durga Pujan
4 Oct 05, Saturday 4:00 PM Special Navratri Mata Ki Chowki by Asha Khanna Ji followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad
5 Oct 06, Sunday 1:00 PM Durga Havan
6 Oct 08, Tuesday 8:00 PM
8:30 PM
Vijay Dasmi/Dasherra Celebration & Aarti
Ravan Dahan
7 Oct 08, Tuesday Dashera Celebrations - more info will be published
8 Oct 12, Saturday 6:00 PM Sunderkaand Path followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad
9 Oct 13, Sunday 10:00 AM
6:00 PM
Ganesh Abhishekam
Samuhik Satyanarayan Katha
10 Oct 14, Monday 5:30 PM Shiva Sakthi Abhishekam
11 Oct 17, Thursday 5:00 PM Karva Chouth Puja
12 Oct 19, Saturday 4:00 PM Mata Ki Chowki followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad
13 Oct 20, Sunday 9:00 AM Balaji Abhishekam
14 Oct 25, Friday 6:00 PM Dhanteras Puja
15 Oct 26, Saturday 6:00 PM Roopchatardasi - Sunderkaand Path followed by Aarti & Mahaprasad
16 Oct 27, Sunday 6:00 PM Diwali Celebrations & Lakshmiji Pooja
17 Oct 28, Monday 7:00 PM Annkoot Puja

Visit temple at:

3623 W Lake Ave, Glenview IL 60026
Phone: (847) 832-4444


M-F: 9 AM to 1 PM, 5 PM - 8:30 PM
Sat & Sun: 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Aarti: 9:30 AM, 12 PM & 8 PM

Daily Events:

Monday - Shiv Abhishek (Utsav Murti) - 7 PM
Tuesday - Hanuman Chalisa - 7 PM
Wednesday - Ganesh Atharvasheersh Chanting - 7 PM
Thursday - Vishnu Sahashranamam - 7 PM
Friday - Lalita Sahashranamam - 7 PM

Weekly Events:

Every Sunday - Bhajan Sandhya - 6 PM
1st & 3r Saturday - Sunderkaand Path - 6 PM
2nd & 4th Saturday - Mata Ki Chowki - 5 PM

About the Temple

With the grace of divine blessings of Hanuman ji Maharaj, on December 14, 2013, over 170 dedicated devotees of Hanuman ji assembled to celebrate the Bhumi Shudhi (land sanctification). The holy occasion marked the acquiring of a 4.1-acre parcel of land situated in Glenview, Illinois, for the construction of Hanuman Spiritual and Community Center, now popularly known as Hanuman Mandir of Greater Chicago.

The memorable moment marked the beginning of realization of a noble and long cherished dream of Indian community residing in the northern suburbs of Chicago. In view of the growing number of Indian population and their spiritual needs, it was long felt to have a facility that could serve as the source to provide support for the fast aging people. The project will include a Hanuman Mandir and a community center.

The Community Center will serve the long standing desire of the community to have a multi-facet public place to celebrate various cultural, spiritual and educational programs. The Center will benefit the members of all the communities and will offer a very broad-based opportunity of social interaction.

A slide show was presented to show the engineering details outlining the architectural features of Mandir. Impressed with the details, a large number of devotees made their hearty contributions for the project and also assured a continued support in future.

The Village of Glenview has granted the approval for the construction of this holy project which is expected to be completed in about a year. The Mandir would have two distinct areas for the performance of spiritual activities; and organizing various community programs.

The devotees of Hanuman Spiritual and Community Center, now popularly known as Hanuman Mandir of Greater Chicago, share the pleasure of announcing that a significant progress has been achieved towards the establishment of a Hanuman Mandir in Glenview. Various volunteer committees have been formed to undertake specialized roles.

Sunday School

The Sunday School at the Hanuman Mandir is an integral part of the Mandir's education initiative. Providing students ages 4 through 16 with essential lessons in Hindu religion teachings, Indian cultural education and hindi language lessons in the beautiful setting of our Hanuman Mandir.

Classes begin on September 8th, 2019 until May 3rd, 2020. Registration is now open and the forms can be submitted to the Hanuman Mandir front desk. If you have any questions, please contact us at Seats are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.