Kalash Pooja

The mandir Kalash pooja was held during summer 2015. Please see the pictures in our photo gallery.

World Yoga Day

Hanuman mandir represented itself at the World Yoga Day promoting the values of Yoga and spreading the word that the mandir will be promoting the principles of Yoga in the greater Chicagoland area.

Hindu Heritage

Hanuman mandir represented itself at the Hindu Heritage day organized during the summer 2015. More than 100 devotees visited the mandir kiosk and benefit from the information on this upcoming mandir in Glenview, IL, located in the greater Chicago land area.

15 Aug Day

The hanuman mandir float was a point of attraction at the 2015 India Independence Day Parade on Devon Avenue. The street was showered with the sounds of Pawan Putra Hanuman Ji ki Jai and Siya aur Ram ji ki Jai. Many watching the parade took selfies with one of the devotee dressed in Hanuman Ji.costume.

Grand Opening

The mandir is about to open for the community. Watch for the announcements on this website. The projected dates that are in the process of being finalized are in April.