Sunday School

Daily Events 

​7:00PM. Shiva Rudram and Bhajans

7:00PM. Hanuman Chalisa and Bhajans

7:00 Ganesh Atharvasheesh and Bhajans

7:00PM Vishnu Shahastranama and Bhajan

7:00PM Durga Chalisa, Durga Kavacha and Lalitha Shahastranama

9:00AM Venkateshwara Suprabhatam
​10:00AM Shanishwara Bhagwan Pooja

6 - 7:30 PM Bhajan Sandhya



Thought of the day

Be Good Do Good

Our Mission Towards Education:

Our mission at is to

  • Educate children about Indian culture, dharma and history. 
  • Provide a spiritual and cultural foundation for kids.
  • Build their self-confidence and help children form their identity.
  • Equip them with knowledge so they can discover their cultural roots.
  • Help children understand the relevance of dharma in modern age.

What We Teach:

Our program is designed with emphasis on Hindi language learning, commonly accepted principles and morals of Hindu faith, knowledge about our various Gods and Goddesses and celebration of our community festivals. The students will follow a curriculum that will introduce Indian history, geography and culture in a fun environment. The syllabus will span the course of the year and will be tied to key festivals in the Hindu calendar.

Class Schedule:

Assembly: 10 AM

Class: 10:15 - 11:50 AM

Aarti: 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM

2017-18 School Year Registration: CLOSED!



  • AGE RESTRICTION: The Sunday School will admit children 4 years and older. All children must be potty-trained and able to stay without parents for the duration of the class.
  • DROP-OFF and PICK-UP: Children may be dropped off no more than 15 mins before class and parents must arrive by noon to pick up their children and take to Aarti.
  • DONATIONS: Donations are always welcome, but not mandatory for the Sunday school. A wish-list is posted on-site and on the website if you would like to contribute towards some class equipment and supplies. Please speak with a Sunday school teacher for details.
  • DRESS CODE: Children must dress appropriate for the weather conditions. Indian outfits are not required for classes. On special occasions we may request Indian outfits to be worn by children, but it is not mandatory.
  • PERFORMANCES: Our annual performance will be on May 19th 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  Any other planned events’ date and time will be sent home with children.
  • COMMUNICATION: Teachers will be communicating with registered students and their parents via email ONLY! Parents are responsible to ensure that we have the correct email on file.
  • CURRICULUM: Our curriculum has been carefully formed to include:
    • Dharma learning -- through the medium of stories, project work and art
    • Language learning – focus is on conversational Hindi
    • India learning – through the understanding of history and geography of the country India 
    • Older children will be learning about Gita and its application in modern day.
  • VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers of the Sunday school program receive no remuneration for their help. If you would like to be a volunteer, please speak with a Sunday School Teacher and fill out an application.
  • Contact Us: